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The Unique Ways to Eat Pempek

           Empek-Empek also known as Pempek is a traditional Indonesian food that is originally coming from South Sumatra particularly in Palembang area. It is made of fish and sago and served together with a dark spicy sauce called cuko.

The Tourism Object of Bukit Siguntang


                                           The front of Bukit Siguntang

               Bukit Seguntang ("Seguntang Hill") is a 29—30 metres high small hill located at the northern bank of Musi River and within the vicinity of Palembang, capital city of South Sumatra province, Indonesia.  It is located around 3 kilometres north from Musi river northern bank and around four kilometres southwest from Palembang city center. In the Bukit Siguntang area was discovered some archaeological findings associated with Sriwijaya Empire that debuted around the period of the 6th century to the 13th century.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Kambang Iwak Family (KIF) Park

    Kambang Iwak Family (KIF) Park is a family recreation place located in Palembang city park Kambang Iwak, Bukit Besar. there is a pond with beautiful pine trees along the edges in the KIF park. We can do some activities in the KIF park such as relaxing or find inspiration, fishing, walking, and jogging, playing skateboard or ride a bike, and we can also do gymnastics in the morning. The trees are shady and the pool made us feel fresh and comfort. 

The Other side of Ampera Bridge

The Other Side of Ampera Bridge

In this posting , I 'am not discussing about history of the establishment, location, or anything else about the Ampera bridge which can find on Google, but I will discuss about the other side of the Ampera bridge. As we know about the Ampera Bridge is a bridge as a connector between the ulu and ilir. But for some people who don’t know that around the Ampera bridge could be interesting place, around the Ampera bridge there is a 16 ilir market. That market is a very crowded market. From the crowd of people who come there so, the governments make in around the Ampera bridge becomes more attractive such as the small park, etc. so people who come there not only go to the 16 ilir market, but also to the Ampera Bridge, the park.

Masjid Agung Palembang

The History of Masjid Agung Palembang

This mosque founded by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin 1 or Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Jaya Wikramo beginning in 1738 until 1748.

Songket of Palembang

Palembang city has a long history, starting from the glory of the kingdom of Sriwijaya until Palembang Darussalam Sultanate. Sriwijaya kingdom in its heyday around the year 683 AD became the forerunner of the city lies on the banks of this river Musi. Many priceless relics from the famous kingdom, one of which is cultural Wastra (fabric) is beautiful songket.

Tourism Places in Jakabaring Palembang

Jakabaring Palembang is one of tourism place in Palembang City which has interesting tourism potency from other tourism places in Palembang City. They are Sport Tourism, Culture Tourism, and Water Tourism. And I will introduce the biggest Sport Tourism of Palembang City it’s Jakabaring Sport City. In Jakabaring Sport City there are many sport venues. the venues consist of : 

Limas House

Limas House

Limas House Palembang
Limas House Palembang

Limas house is a traditional house prototype Palembang, in addition to the roof with a pyramid-shaped, has a pyramid home characteristics; - Limas-shaped roof - the house sided board, with the division of space that has been defined (standard) graded-level.(Kijing)The entire roof and walls and floors in the house prop up poles that are embedded in the ground - The ornaments and carvings that show the charisma and the identity of the house Most houses Limas width reaches 400 to 1000 square meters or more, which was established in the top of the pole Onglen pole-wood and wood used to frame tembesu visible influence of Islam on the ornaments and carvings that are on the pyramid house.

Simbas (Platy Cerium Coronarium) become the main symbol carved in it. Philosophy is a holy place and there is a respectable house in the architecture pyramid. Main space is considered honorable elephant room (Kawi language = royal audience hall) located at the top and right under the roof of the pyramid in the crutch by Alang Sunan Sunan and Sako. There is a divan in elephant room (Central / discussion room), which is of high elephant room (+ / - 75 cm). 

Sketch and the Division of Space

Limas house has a floor plan extends to the rear, most wide reaching 400-1000 m2.
  1. Some Soko Damas
  2. Fence tenggalong
  3. Balcony or veranda. (There are two stairs).
  4. "Jogan" serves as a youth place. 
The border between Jogan and Kijing 3 there are a ”lawang kyam/kyam-kyam/lawang kipas” because of its shape like a folding fan. Function as a baffle / wall of upright. If the wall is opened it will stick to the ceiling, key is used to sustain it. 

Living room:

At each kekijing has two windows (right-left).

  1. Kekijing 3 (Bengkalis below) is used for the officials.
  2. Kekijing 4 (Bengkalis shoots) is used to place his Datuk maharaja.
  3. Gegajah as a hall / divan / hall discussion this room is the center of the Limas house is located on the top floor and the most honorable. And directly beneath the roof of the Limas which sustained Alang Sunan and Soko Sunan.


Foundation material is wood unglen. Type of timber that is waterproof even stronger when wet. The foundation of a house adapted to the swampy nature conditions. Technical techniques like "chicken scratch". Pole "forked" standing on the ground thick board is called "Tapak-forked". While the tapak-an forked the beams intersect each other is called "Botek-an"

Name: Sri Suprihatin

Class: 2 BA

Egg Martabak


            Martabak is a traditional food from Indonesia. There are two kinds of famous martabak in Indonesia, Martabak Manis ( Sweet Martabak ) and Martabak Asin (Salty martabak).
But now, I want to introduce you to Martabak Asin ( Salty Martabak ) or people usually called it Martabak telur ( Egg’s Martabak ).

Egg Martabak
Egg Martabak