Friday, June 29, 2012

The Other side of Ampera Bridge

The Other Side of Ampera Bridge

In this posting , I 'am not discussing about history of the establishment, location, or anything else about the Ampera bridge which can find on Google, but I will discuss about the other side of the Ampera bridge. As we know about the Ampera Bridge is a bridge as a connector between the ulu and ilir. But for some people who don’t know that around the Ampera bridge could be interesting place, around the Ampera bridge there is a 16 ilir market. That market is a very crowded market. From the crowd of people who come there so, the governments make in around the Ampera bridge becomes more attractive such as the small park, etc. so people who come there not only go to the 16 ilir market, but also to the Ampera Bridge, the park.

Here are photos of the Ampera bridge could become a tourist attraction;

Ampera bridge at the bottom side, has created a city park by the government, so that visitors can relax there and can see the foundations of the Ampera bridge from down there. In addition to the park, there are food vendors, accessories, toys, secondhand clothes, and even the gedgets seller can be find there.

Here are the pictures:

Not only a place to sell or a place to relax but also at the bottom of the Ampera bridge there is a place to t take Transmusi bus and the port for small ships, which we can rent to go to the Kemaro island. Here are the photos;

In addition,there has places to sell even a place to get money, the Ampera bridge can also be a place for exercise, for those who want to ride bicycle on the sidewalk at Ampera bridge, and you can jog around the park area of Ampera bridge.

Here are the photos

And this is the Ampera bridge pictures on the side, bottom and top :

Maybe that's all I can say about the other side of the Ampera bridge, probably many things can we explore about it. The conclusion is the Ampera bridge which is now very different from the first, the first function just for crossing, but now Ampera bridge becomes more interesting to visit it. So, when you comes to the Palembang city don’t forget to visit the Ampera bridge and go around it.

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