Friday, June 29, 2012

Tourism Places in Jakabaring Palembang

Jakabaring Palembang is one of tourism place in Palembang City which has interesting tourism potency from other tourism places in Palembang City. They are Sport Tourism, Culture Tourism, and Water Tourism. And I will introduce the biggest Sport Tourism of Palembang City it’s Jakabaring Sport City. In Jakabaring Sport City there are many sport venues. the venues consist of : 

Gelora Sriwijaya

Gelora Sriwijaya the first biggest stadium in Palembang City and the third largest stadium in Indonesia, after Gelora Bung Karno and Palaran Stadium. Gelora Sriwijaya is also on of the best International stadium. Large area of Gelora Sriwijaya is about 40 hectare which can accommodate till 36.000 - 40.000 people with its gradual stand.

In Gelora Sriwijaya area, it is completed by Jogging Track facility. Usually, besides as Jogging Track, it is also as a place to relax for visitors.

In area of Gelora Sriwijaya, there are many streetvendors who sell many kinds of snacks and drinks for the visitors.

Jakabaring Aquatic Stadium

Jakabaring Aquatic Stadium is one of the best sport venue in Jakabaring Sport City Palembang. It was designed by a consultant from Syanghai. It became an international best swimming stadium in Asia. It can carry 3000 spectators which has a pool measuring 26 x 3 x 51.2 meters with the water needs of 15,000 meters cubic.

Sport Climbing

This venue of International Standard consists of four races, named lead, boulder, speed track, and speed record. The land occupies more than 10,000 feet. This venue was built with funds not less than Rp7 billion. This facility is the best and the complete sport climbing in the world.

Venue Pentaque Jakabaring

Venue Pentaque Jakabaring has 6 lines which are completed with the referee’s and spectator’s tribune. It is made by arbrit stone based on International Standard.

Venue Skates Jakabaring

Venue Skates Jakabaring has two main trajectories. Trajectories have a length of 400 m and 200 m. It is also surrounded by an opaque fence made of polycarbonate.

Shooting Range Jakabaring

Shooting Range Jakabaring scaling as International was built on 6 ha in the side of the lake in Jakabaring. This shooting range is as the best shooting range venue in Asia because its distance is 600 meters, running target, and score recording.

Venue Ski Air

It was built and spent Rp.40 million. The lake is not more than 40 ha and have clear water as the new tourism place after sea games 2011.

Venue Volley beach jakabaring

This venue is in the side of lake in jakabaring sport city. The sand of this beach is come from bangka belitung. The total of sand is 6000 meter cubic.

Bukit asam tennis court

This stadium is on 2,6 ha and built by pt bukit asam. Bukit asam tennis court has 8 fields such as 2 main fields and 6 other fields with capacity of 2000 spectators and built with fund 28,2 million.

Sport center conoco phillips

This Sport center is one of sport place in jsc. This venue used for last pon 2004 then renovated by pt conoco philips for aerobic venue in last sea games 2011.

Jakabaring Sport City also known as Jakabaring Sport Complex. To enter this place you must pay 2000 IDR till 3000 IDR. The area Jakabaring Sport City is very good ,it has beautiful environment and fresh air, there are also many unique building and it’s very nice to take pictures there.

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