Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sekanak Traditional Market

                         There are many traditional markets in Palembang city such as 16 ilir market, Pal 5 market, Cinde market, Kuto market, Sekanak Market, and etc. Sekanak Market is one of the famous traditional market in Palembang city. There are three reason why Sekanak market become one of the famous traditional market in Palembang city. First of all, the location of Sekanak Traditional market is very strategic. For example, the location of Sekanak Traditional market is not far from the center city of Palembang, more exactly in the east of Kuto Besak Fort. Beside that, Sekanak traditional market is in coastal Sekanak river.Because of that, we called the market is Sekanak Traditional market. Second, Sekanak market is a very very comfortable traditonal market in Palembang city. For example, along the way of Sekanak market is very clean and the cool air comes from the air stream of sekanak river.Third, there is a special commodity who special sold in Sekanak market,that is banana. For example,we can find many kind of bananas such as Gedah, Ambon, Putri, Nangka, Tanduk, Kepok, Mas, and Susu. Beside that, there are different ways to consumed each kinds of the bananas. For example, Emas, Putri, Ambon and udang just can be eaten directly. And than, Lilin, Nangko, Kepok, and Tanduk are consumed by fried , made into compote (kolak) and bananas chips, while Geda is only consumed by made into Rimpi (sale) and in boiled. For another thing, I get informations from the treders in Sekanak Traditional market  that the bananas who sold in there come from many regions such as from Lampung, Belitang, OKU distric, Muaraenim distric and etc.In addition, the bananas from that regions bring by ships who stop at the dock of sekanak river.In addition , the price of bananas who sold in Sekanak Taditional Market is very cheap, start from Rp.10.000 until Rp.100.000 per bunch of bananas. Finally, Sekanak Traditional Market is an interesting place to visited.


It's me wih bananas :)

kinds of bananas
kinds of bananas

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