Saturday, July 7, 2012

Unique Carvings of Palembang !!

Palembang sculpture has a special motif that is different from other regions. Chinese or Buddhist influence is still prominent, but more predominantly plants, jasmine and lotus flowers, and there is no picture of humans or animals.
The application of wood carving Palembang widely used for building traditional houses Palembang ornament (limas house). There are also various forms of crafts such as carving typical Palembang decorative cabinets of various sizes, beds, aquariums, picture frames and mirrors, betel boxes, couch, room divider, and so forth.

Palembang is a typical characteristic of carving. All motives of interest and also in the dominance perwarnannya golden yellow color, dominant color in the engraving Palembang. The resulting color sheen of the gold paint is what distinguishes it from other areas of engraving, such as from Jepara. Agency cabinets, doors, close the Aquarium or the mirror and picture frames, for example, always disaput gold paint. While other parts coated garnet and black. Pictures of roses with black increasingly accentuate the appearance of wood carving Palembang. Woodcut Palembang (South Sumatra) has a style, motif, and a distinctive color. The wood used is high quality wood, especially wood tembesu

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