Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Suro Mosque, The Mosque with a fish pool.

     The great mosque of Al-Mahmudiyah at Jl Ki Gede Ing Suro, Kelurahan 30 Ilir, Kecamatan Ilir Barat (IB) II, Palembang is one of the historical mosque. a place to pray of Muslims that  is familiar called by a Suro Mosque was displaced since its inception by Ki H Abdurahman Delamat in 1889. Unmitigated, this mosque displaced up to 32 years old at the time of colonialism.

     In 1919, from a proposal from Ki Kms H Sheikh Zahri and religious leaders as well as society 30 Ilir. the meeting was held to discuss the governance of the mosque. From that meeting, kgs H Ali Mahmud was elected Chairman of the Executive Board of the mosque. On his management the Masjid Al Mahmudiyah then enlarge. Including building of tower and pool.

     Beside to the Suro Mosque, there is a large pool, sized 10-10 meters. At first glance, the pool is like fish pool. because there are quite a lot of fish vary in type and size inside. It turns out, this is not a usual pool. The pool can hold up to four water tanks that is the place for taking wudu.

     This pool is the hallmark of the mosque. Therefore, rarely found ablution like this. Most mosques, currently using tap water and take it in a large tub, then flow through the faucet for the taking wudu.

     The pool was built in the 1920s, outside of the Suro Mosque. This pool is Created like-floor staircases, eases for people to take wudhu. In its development, the pool became part in the mosque and complete with ceramic. up to now the pool is still in use, although there are taking place at the front of the mosque to take wudu using tap faucet.

     The fish in the pool turned out to eat and poop the Wiggler mosquito clinging to the walls of the pool. Therefore, this type of fish is selected, most of this type of fish that was fond of fish that eat mildew.

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